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Run Cluster by Yum Tools

Yum tools to run a ChubaoFS cluster for CentOS 7+ is provided. The list of RPM packages dependencies can be installed with:

$ yum install
$ cd /cfs/install
$ tree -L 2
├── install_cfs.yml
├── iplist
├── src
└── template
    ├── client.json.j2
    ├── datanode.json.j2
    ├── grafana
    ├── master.json.j2
    └── metanode.json.j2

Set parameters of the ChubaoFS cluster in iplist.

  • [master][datanode] , [metanode] , [monitor] , [client] modules define IP addresses of each role.
  • #datanode config module defines parameters of DataNodes. datanode_disks defines path and reserved space separated by “:”. The path is where the data store in, so make sure it exists and has at least 30GB of space; reserved space is the minimum free space(Bytes) reserved for the path.
  • [cfs:vars] module defines parameters for SSH connection. So make sure the port, username and password for SSH connection is unified before start.
  • #metanode config module defines parameters of MetaNodes. metanode_totalMem defines the maximum memory(Bytes) can be use by MetaNode process.
#datanode config
datanode_disks =  '"/data0:10737418240","/data1:10737418240"'
#metanode config
metanode_totalMem = "28589934592"

For more configurations, please refer to Resource Manager (Master)Meta SubsystemData SubsystemClientMonitor.

Start the resources of ChubaoFS cluster with script . (make sure the Master is started first)

$ bash -h
Usage: [-r --role datanode or metanode or master or monitor or client or all ] [-v --version 1.5.1 or latest]
$ bash -r master
$ bash -r metanode
$ bash -r datanode
$ bash -r monitor
$ bash -r client

Check mount point at /cfs/mountpoint on client node defined in iplist .

Open http://consul.prometheus-cfs.local in browser for monitoring system(the IP of monitoring system is defined in iplist ).