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Data Subsystem

How To Start DataNode

Start a DataNode process by execute the server binary of ChubaoFS you built with -c argument and specify configuration file. At least 4 data nodes are required in respect to high availability.

nohup cfs-server -c datanode.json &


Key Type Description Mandatory
role string Role of process and must be set to datanode Yes
listen string Port of TCP network to be listen Yes
localIP string IP of network to be choose No,If not specified, the ip address used to communicate with the master is used.
prof string Port of HTTP based prof and api service Yes
logDir string Path for log file storage Yes
logLevel string Level operation for logging. Default is error No
raftHeartbeat string Port of raft heartbeat TCP network to be listen Yes
raftReplica string Port of raft replicate TCP network to be listen Yes
raftDir string Path for raft log file storage No
consulAddr string Addresses of monitor system No
exporterPort string Port for monitor system No
masterAddr string slice Addresses of master server Yes
disks string slice
PATH: Disk mount point. RETAIN: Retain space. (Ranges: 20G-50G.)


    "role": "datanode",
    "listen": "6000",
    "prof": "6001",
    "logDir": "/export/Logs/datanode",
    "logLevel": "info",
    "raftHeartbeat": "9095",
    "raftReplica": "9096",
    "raftDir": "/export/Data/datanode/raft",
    "consulAddr": "http://consul.prometheus-cfs.local",
    "exporterPort": 9512,
    "masterAddr": [
     "disks": [