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Insert FUSE kernel module and install libfuse.

modprobe fuse
yum install -y fuse

Prepare Config File


  "mountPoint": "/mnt/fuse",
  "volName": "test",
  "owner": "cfs",
  "masterAddr": ",,",
  "logDir": "/export/Logs/client",
  "logLevel": "info",
  "profPort": "10094"
Supported Configurations
Name Type Description Mandatory
mountPoint string Mount point Yes
volName string Volume name Yes
owner string Owner name as authentication Yes
masterAddr string Resource manager IP address Yes
logDir string Path to store log files No
logLevel string Log level:debug, info, warn, error No
profPort string Golang pprof port No
exporterPort string Performance monitor port No
consulAddr string Performance monitor server address No
lookupValid string Lookup valid duration in FUSE kernel module, unit: sec No
attrValid string Attr valid duration in FUSE kernel module, unit: sec No
icacheTimeout string Inode cache valid duration in client No
enSyncWrite string Enable DirectIO sync write, i.e. make sure data is fsynced in data node No
autoInvalData string Use AutoInvalData FUSE mount option No


Use the example fuse.json, and client is mounted on the directory /mnt/fuse. All operations to /mnt/fuse would be performed on the backing distributed file system.

./cfs-client -c fuse.json