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Resource Manager (Master)

The cluster contains dataNodes,metaNodes,vols,dataPartitions and metaPartitions,they are managed by master server. The master server caches the metadata in mem,persist to GoLevelDB,and ensure consistence by raft protocol.

The master server manages dataPartition id to dataNode server mapping,metaPartition id to metaNode server mapping.

At lease 3 master nodes are required in respect to high availability.


  • Multi-tenant, Resource Isolation
  • dataNodes,metaNodes shared,vol owns dataPartition and metaPartition exclusive
  • Asynchronous communication with dataNode and metaNode


ChubaoFS use JSON as configuration file format.

Key Type Description Mandatory
role string Role of process and must be set to master Yes
ip string host ip Yes
listen string Http port which api service listen on Yes
prof string golang pprof port Yes
id string identy different master node Yes
peers string the member information of raft group Yes
logDir string Path for log file storage Yes
logLevel string Level operation for logging. Default is error. No
retainLogs string the number of raft logs will be retain. Yes
walDir string Path for raft log file storage. Yes
storeDir string Path for RocksDB file storage,path must be exist Yes
clusterName string The cluster identifier Yes
exporterPort int The prometheus exporter port No
consulAddr string The consul register addr for prometheus exporter No
metaNodeReservedMem string If the metanode memory is below this value, it will be marked as read-only.  


 "role": "master",
 "ip": "",
 "listen": "80",
 "peers": "1:,2:,3:",
 "logDir": "/export/Logs/master",
 "exporterPort": 9510,
 "consulAddr": "http://consul.prometheus-cfs.local",
 "metaNodeReservedMem": "134217728"

Start Service

nohup ./master -c config.json > nohup.out &